Team Plan notification email templates

Does your SaaS offer a Team Plan? Get ready-made collaboration emails for your admins, team members, project managers, and guests.

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SaaS welcome email templates

Keep everyone in the loop with Behavioral Emails

Welcome email templates

Move users to the next step, and set the tone for their experience.

Onboarding email templates

Inform teams how to use the product in the best possible way.

Communication email templates

Notify team members of required actions and status updates.

Report email templates

Send customized project and task reports to all team members and guests.

Upselling email templates

Encourage a customer to upgrade and keep their Team Plan.

Get access to 30 notification emails mapped to all contributors

User flow

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New plan email

Encourage users to switch to Team Plans for better pricing and collaboration


New plan reminder email

Remind users about your recently launched Team Plan


Welcome email

Onboard users with your new plan features


Check up email

Follow up with inactive users and take them to the next steps


New account confirmation

Notify admins that a user has accepted the invitation


Weekly report email

Keep admins informed with reports and status updates


Upgrade email

Highlight the user features and benefits from upgrading


Upgrade discount email

Encourage users to upgrade with a discount


Upgrade discount last call email

Remind users of last chance to upgrade and save


Trial ending reminder

Remind users of the trial end date and product features & benefits


Trial ended

Inform users that their trial has ended and offer an extension


Upgrade after trial

Encourage users to upgrade after their trial has ended


Order confirmation email

Confirm purchase of Team Plan


Upgrade number of seats email

Encourage users to purchase more seats for their team

Ready-made Team Plan templates

Behavioral email

Encourage users to interact with your application based on their actions during the onboarding process.


Fulfill user expectations and provide assistance and guidance at each stage.


Increase your click-through rate by encouraging users to take action and move to the next step. Each email is action-oriented and includes one CTA.

Trustworthy design

Make a good first impression with your users. All templates have a consistent and high-quality design that generates a strong feeling of reliability and trust in users.

Engaging copywriting

Connect with users via concise and precise copy that is closely mapped to the user's journey.

Responsive templates

Each template is responsive, fully customizable, and works on any screen.

Light & dark themes

Light and dark interfaces match the user's preferred setting.


The same high-quality look. We tested on all major email clients like Outlook, Gmail, IOS, and more.

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Team Plan notification email templates. Ideal for SaaS offering a Team Plan.

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What does "Use in unlimited projects" mean?

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Can I use the Templates for client projects?

Yes! You can use them for almost anything — the only thing we do not allow is using them to create derivative/competing products. For more information, read our license.

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You can copy & paste the HTML into Mailchimp's code editor. You will need to add your own Mailchimp merge tags.

Can you customize the template for me?

Yes, check out our coding service.

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